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Pay Per Click (PPC)

An increasingly popular method of driving traffic to your website is to use search engine marketing. One advantage of this form of marketing is that it generates traffic instantaneously and automatically. I addition, 5-6 times more online purchases result from online marketing campaigns that utilize search engines as compared to banner advertising.

E-Vantage Internet Marketing uses the most common business model for search engine ads. It is called pay per click (PPC). This innovative model is designed to let you, the advertiser, control the amount of money you want to pay on your marketing campaign. It gives you maximum exposure and allows you to track the effectiveness of your ad.
When your potential customer or client searches the Internet, an organic or natural listings page appears with the results. This is called the search engine results page (SERP). The PPC ads appear in the top premium position and along the right-side bar of the page. SERP ranks these ads based on an auction model that establishes which ads are displayed and the positions they will hold.

Although each campaign is unique there are some general categories: short-medium, and long-term implementation, as well as low, medium, and high impact. These help establish the type of campaign that is suited to your unique search engine marketing goals.

The staff at E-Vantage Internet Marketing will work with you to administer your marketing campaign in such a way that it will fully utilize your website’s search traffic potential. We understand that maximum results involve more than just bidding for keywords. Our goal is to generate less expensive, more targeted, converting traffic. We go beyond just the keywords and research and identify themes and issues of weakness and concern.  E-Vantage Internet Marketing’s PPC campaign management program is comprehensive. We create and manage your campaign by:

  • designing a dynamic and tailored online advertising strategy;
  • concentrating on what the major PPC network provides to obtain the maximum market share gains;
  • adjusting, cleaning-up and increasing existing PPC campaigns;
  • supplying guidance to strategically improve budget plans, bidding strategies, and performance metrics;
  • identifying demographic areas to display your keyword-targeted ads for optimal results;
  • increasing PPC-related quality scores;
  • analyzing results and providing recommendations regularly to strengthen site performance, account performance and your return on investment (ROI); and 
  • keeping current on new technologies, trends, and possibilities for market share expansion.