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When done properly nothing has the power to draw attention, visitors, returning customers, and new business more than a successfully developed website. It’s a fact that you have less than 3 seconds to keep a visitor on your website so it needs to be designed and developed in such a way as to interest and motivate the visitor to read on.

E-Vantage Internet Marketing is committed to creating a fully functional and highly interactive website for your business that will turn into one of your most valuable assets. Our goal is to manage your web project from inception to full development, to ongoing management. To that end we ensure that your website will:

  • allow for easy navigation so the reader can find information quickly and effortlessly;
  • present a brand identity that is both recognizable and positive;
  • showcase the advantages of your services and products;
  • effectively convey your business objectives and goals;
  • contain convincing content to improve lead generation; and
  • be easy for the search engines to read enabling the website to achieve a high ranking in their data bases.

At E-Vantage Internet Marketing we offer the complete range of necessary steps to build the most effective website for you. Although the website development and design is quite involved, we provide a brief outline of the steps below:

  1. Design Plan: The purpose of your website is determined in this step. This is where your target audience is established. 
  2. Site Analysis and Assessment: Next we look at your competition to determine how they are accomplishing their goals and what we will do to put your website above theirs.
  3. Design: Part of this step involves user navigation. You will choose colors and typography. You will also determine the type of navigation you want whether it be drop-down menus, left-had or right-hand navigations sidebars. The other part of this step involves the search engines. We work with you to make decisions about things such as: the type of architecture you want to use; if we will use content that is already written or our staff will write it, and what type of coding will be used (e.g, HTML, Flash, Ajax).
  4. Web Design Implementation: This stage involves building the templates and adding content.
  5. Website Testing: Staff members who haven’t been involved in the creation of the website peruse the prototype thoroughly to identify potential glitches such as getting slowed down, confused, and/or lost. We take this feedback and refine the site. Those staff members then check the site again.
    1. E-Vantage Internet Marketing features content management systems which allow you to access the site so you can edit it yourself.
  6. Site Maintenance:  Once the site is up and operational we can monitor, update, and maintain it for you. 
It is important to stress that site maintenance is a critical step of the process. The Internet is a dynamic entity, in a constant state of change. Your website must, in turn, be dynamic and continually changing in order to stay ahead of the competition.